With over 20 years experience in the structural steel and construction industry, Managing Director Rami has extensive knowledge on Powder Coating and surface engineering. Already owning 3 businesses overseas, his venture to the UK has brought with him a fresh look at the requirements of the British market and how to improve upon the current powder coating services being provided.

Managing Director 

Rami Abdel Wahab

Yousef has been managing and developing new and existing businesses for over 20 years. He has expertise in turning companies into unique service providers and market leaders in their industry. With his great knowledge of the market requirements and new technology, he is introducing Electrostatic Coating with game-changing and innovative new processes to ensure the success of the business and the quality of service our customers deserve.

Marketing Director

Yousef Abdelwahab

Pia has a 7 year successful background in both sales and marketing. With first-hand experience in managing sales teams, she ensures the business runs smoothly and our customers get the service they deserve when deciding to use Electrostatic Coating. She also has extensive knowledge in web and digital marketing and ensures that our clients and prospects are kept up to date with our services at all times.

Marketing Executive

Pia Dolman

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