At Electrostatic Coating, we use dipping tanks to pre-treat all surfaces before we proceed to Powder Coating. With 9 tanks of the highest quality and the very rare capacity of 8 metres in length, we have the facilities to pre-treat your products to ensure the best finished result. Our tanks are designed to accommodate and pre-treat items that may be too large to be treated and powder coated elsewhere.

The advantages of a pre-treatment dip is that it promotes adhesion and a quality material transfer. Immersion tanks generally run hotter than a spray pre-treatment line, therefore is a much more effective way of removing heavy soils, which means you are increasing the initial cleanliness and quality of the product before it goes for powder coating.

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Pretreatment Tanks EDIT.jpg

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is an increasingly popular method of surface painting that delivers accurate, quality coverage. The process we use is ESD (Electrostatic Spray Disposition). After being pre-treated, a product will be added to a production line where a spray gun will apply electrostatic charge to powder paint particles before they are distributed from the gun and attracted to the pre-treated part. This can be done using automatic spray booths, or manually done with handheld guns.

We have both automatic and manual guns here at Electrostatic Coating, therefore can offer the best solution for your project. After the powder particles have been applied, the product enters a curing oven, where the heat used will complete the bond between the molecules in the product and the powder paint. This creates molecular chains that are extremely resistant to breakdown.

The process of Powder Coating is environmentally friendly, cost effective, and most importantly, durable. Powder Coating is used to add finish to thousands of products you see every day, from furniture, all the way up to heavy duty machinery.

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